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Kenmore 81414 400 Review, Worth It?

Kenmore 81414 400 Review

In this Kenmore 81414 400 review, we help you decide whether or not this bagged canister vacuum suits your needs based on a summarized report of previous buyer feedback, comments, and recommendations.

But if you’re wondering, why go bagged? What are the advantages of a bagged vacuum cleaner over their bagless counterparts? Let’s answer that briefly.

Perhaps the biggest pro is that bagged vacuum cleaners are ideal for allergy sufferers. Why? Because the bags are usually equipped with HEPA filtration. Meaning, depending on the grading of the filter, it helps collect and eliminate allergens, germs, and microorganisms that can harm your family.

The disadvantages, however, is the cost that comes with the bags you’ll have to purchase when you run out of stock. Then, there’s the issue on the environment.

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Key Features and Specs

As advertised, “Kenmore has the innovation to amaze…” That said, we can’t help but expect something “innovative” and “amazing” from the Kenmore 81414 bagged canister vacuum. Here’s a list of its most notable features and specs.

HEPA Filtration

As previously mentioned, as a bagged vacuum cleaner, the Kenmore 400 series is equipped with a HEPA filter, which is a big help for allergy sufferers.

Long Reach

A vacuum cleaner with a short power cord is such a turnoff. After all, you want your cleaning process to go smoothly and uninterrupted.

It’s a good thing that the Kenmore 81414 comes with a long power cord. In numbers, it measures 26 feet in length. As if that’s not enough, know that this cleaner also comes with a telescopic and extendable wand that gives you an additional reach of 9.5 feet.


According to Kenmore’s official website, the 400 series can clean a variety of surfaces including carpets, hardwood, and linoleum floors.

To help you with the cleaning process, you’ll get three tools/attachments, which include the following: Crevice Tool, Dust/Upholstery Brush, Bare Floor Tool. You don’t have to worry about storage because the 81414 has an on-board storage/compartment for these tools.

Powermate Nozzle

What can you expect from a Powermate nozzle? Expect several parts that can make your life easier.

You can find a Wand Quick Release Pedal so that you can easily release the nozzle by stepping on it. You’ll also find a Furniture Guard to protect your furniture pieces. It also comes with a Height Adjust Pedal and Overload Protector Reset button.

Chart: Kenmore 81414 400 Specs and Features

Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Model Check Price » Kenmore 81414 400 Series
Weight 19.4 lbs
Dimensions 25.9 x 16.2 x 13.6 inches
Cleaning Width 14 inches
Color Red
Cord Length 26 feet
Wand Aluminum, Telescopic, and Extendable
Bag Type HEPA Dust Bag
Cord Storage Retractable
Controls on Handle
Tool Storage
Carrying Handle
Check Bag Indicator

Consumer Feedback: Kenmore 81414 400 Review

How did the Kenmore 400 series fare among previous buyers? To give you an answer, we went through the feedback and comments posted on a popular online retailer. In summary, here’s what we found out about the product.


Several consumers appreciate the fact that this vacuum cleaner is not “gimmicky” unlike other more popular brands. From the words of a buyer, the Kenmore 400 series’ design is “well thought out,” and it’s easy to use. The push button/pedal on the nozzle serves its purpose very, very well. Literally, all you have to to is step on the pedal and out comes the wand.


The general comment is that the Kenmore 400 series has a powerful suction even at the lowest setting.

Reach and Performance

Plus points goes to this canister vacuum’s wand. It’s a telescopic, extendable wand, and as advertised, it does give you enough stretch to clean hard-to-reach places including cobwebs. Yes, you read it right. Cobwebs! Plus, you can clean your ceiling fans, so you don’t need a ladder to help you out.

As if that’s not enough, you can also easily clean underneath your furniture pieces with ease. This is in part thanks to this device’s low-profile head.

How about its cleaning performance? The general consensus is that it cleans pretty well. Its suction is powerful enough to suck in a variety of dirt particles even the stuck-ons.


The Kenmore 81414 is not a perfect machine. It does have its share of limitations, which we list down below.

First, some of the parts that you’d like to be made of metal or a sturdier material are made of plastic, which can be disappointing because you’re not always sure of plastic’s longevity.

Second, let’s talk about the noise. It’s a vacuum cleaner, so it will make a sound. “Noisy” can be a subjective word, so you may or may not find this cleaner noisy. One person who does find it noisy said that this canister vacuum produces a “high-pitched noise.” On the contrary, other people say that it’s “surprisingly quiet.”

Another limitation is that because it has a powerful suction, you may find it difficult to push it forward especially when cleaning carpets or low-profile rugs.

It doesn’t come with a headlight. If you’ve owned a vacuum with a headlight before, you know how important this feature is because you want to cover every area and not miss a single spot.

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Final Word: Kenmore 81414 400 Review

Based on the generall positive feedback and comments given by previous buyers, here’s our recommendation.

The Kenmore 81414 is a less-than-20-lb. canister vacuum, which is lightweight compared to other bigger models. It has a long power cord that gives you an uninterrupted cleaning experience and an extendable wand that lets you clean hard-to-reach areas such as your ceiling. It’s also a bagged vacuum, so it’s ideal for allergy sufferers. If these satisfy what you’re looking for, then get yourself a Kenmore 81414.