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Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum Review

Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum Review

Before delving into this Prolux Tritan canister vacuum review, allow us to give you a primer on canisters.

Why get one? Buying guides that you can readily access online say that these types of vacuum cleaners have more power than, say, uprights. This is made possible by the fact that their engine is not limited in size unlike other types of cleaners. Therefore, they offer better suction, power, and flow-rate, which to you translates to easier and quicker cleaning process.

There are several brands of canister vacuums to choose from. One of the more popular names out there is Prolux. It doesn’t have a large following compared to Bissell or Dyson, but it’s slowly gaining traction.

Now, let’s talk about the Prolux Tritan canister vacuum. What do previous buyers say about this cleaner? Is it worth it? Let’s go.

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Main Features of the Prolux Tritan Vacuum Cleaner

Of course, it’s impossible to write a review without touching on the key features and specs of this canister vacuum cleaner. That said, here’s a chart that lists its specs and features.

Prolux Canister Vacuum
Model Check Price » Prolux Tritan
Weight 15 pounds
Dimensions 20.9 x 13.8 x 13 inches
Motor 12 Amp
Cord Length 23 feet
Hose Length 6 feet
Extendable Wand Length 3 feet
Auto Rewind Pedal
Suction Level Indicator
Bag Full Indicator
Suction Control
Max Suction Setting 140 CFM
Suction Relief
Lid Release
Washable HEPA Filter
Tools/Attachments Included Crevice Duster, Pivotable Duster Brush, Upholstery Tool, Metal Wand, Micron Bags, Tool Caddy

Based on the chart above, here’s a list of the Prolux Tritan Canister vaccum cleaner’s most notable features.

First, it’s lightweight. With its weight of 15 lbs., it’s difficult to find an upright that would weigh less than this cleaner.

When it comes to cord length, uprights win in this aspect, with many of them having a power cord whose length is at least 30 feet. In comparison, this Prolux cleaner’s cord is only 23 feet in length. Still, this should be long enough to cover a considerable amount of space in your house.

Now, here are some important functions.

The Prolux Tritan canister vacuum has a suction control. It comes with a knob that you can twist clockwise if you want more suction. The maximum setting is up to 140 CFM.

It also has an indicator to signal when the dust bag needs to be emptied. Aside from that, this cleaner comes with an auto rewind pedal to help you quickly roll and store the cord.

Also, expect a washable HEPA filter, which helps in eliminating allergens and other pollutants from your home. This is especially helpful if you have pets and children.

Let’s not forget the tools or attachments included. This cleaner comes with a number of tools, which allow you to clean a variety of surfaces including upholstery fabrics, stairs, and hard-to-reach corners of the house.

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Consumer Feedback: Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum Review

So… how did the Prolux Tritan canister vacuum fare among consumers? Below is a summary of what we discovered based on the feedback, comments, and recommendations posted by previous buyers on a popular online retailer.

First, let’s talk about the suction of this canister vacuum. Is it powerful enought? Surprisingly, this is one powerful vacuum. Several consumers say that even with the lowest setting, it can pick up dust easily. One person even said that the medium setting is “too strong for me.”

Nope, it’s not bagless, for those of you who are wondering. It comes with some micron bags that you need to replace when you run out of them.

Is it lightweight? Oh, yes! You can easily carry it around without needing assistance from stronger members of the family. Besides, it has wheels.

How about its cleaning action? This is a reliable vacuum cleaner especially for hardwood floors. But as one person has observed, it doesn’t work on carpets as well as you’d like to. For that, it’s better to consider one of these carpet cleaners

Is it noisy? Surely, it’s going to make some noise. But relative to other vacuum cleaners, several buyers observed that this unit is “quiet,” with one person saying that it’s the “most quiet one I’ve owned.” Other people, however, don’t agree.

Here are some limitations of the product.

  • The unit doesn’t come with storage for the included tools or attachments.
  • Some people observed that if you’re used to other types of vacuum cleaners, there may be a learning curve or it may take some time to get used to it.
  • You won’t find any rotating brush unless you buy a different package with a Turbo Head.

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Final Word: Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum Review

Should you get this vacuum cleaner? Here’s our recommendation.

Based on the feedback and this cleaner’s features, we say that it’s a good buy. Considering its price tag, the Prolux Tritan canister vacuum is a good cleaner to have at home. Not only is it powerful, but its suction can also be adjusted easily.