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Severin Snow White XL Review (Severin BC7055)

To your right is an image of the Severin BC7055, a gorgeous canister vacuum cleaner that, without a doubt, is really elegant. Really, check out that platinum grey exterior with a garnet red color just underneath the carrying handle.

But beyond this handsome appearance, does it deliver good results? To answer this, we went through comments, feedback, and recommendations given by consumers who previously bought this canister vacuum. In this review, we give you a summary of what we discovered.

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Key Features of the Severin BC7055

First, let’s talk about the main features that this vacuum cleaner offers.


As advertised, the Severin BC7055 has a 6-level filtration system. Not only does this device suck in dust and dirt, but it also helps sanitize your home by eliminating allergens, germs, odors, mold, and even pollen.

It’s equipped with a HEPA 14 filter, the highest-grade filter available on the market. A HEPA 14 means that it passes up 0.005% of 0.1 micron particles per liter of air. In other words, this filter has super tiny openings that even germs can’t get through.

It’s also important to note that this cleaner’s motor comes with a protection filter that’s made of hygienic fleece.

2 Nozzles

Expect two types of nozzles when you receive your package of Severin Snow White XL vacuum cleaner.

You’ll be given an 11-inch wide hard floor nozzle, which is designed to clean along edges, joints, and hard-to-reach places. It also comes with a switchable Premium-Eco nozzle with rollers.

76 dB Noise Level

According to the sales page of the Severin BC7055, this device produces 76 decibels of noise/sound when it’s on operation. In comparison, note that a typical conversation is about 60 decibels and a whisper is 30 dB.

Chart: Key Features and Technical Specs

We’ve created this chart to display the features and technical specifications of the Severin Snow White XL / Severin BC7055.

Severin Canister Vacuum
Model Check Price » Severin BC7055
Weight 10.8 pounds
Dimensions 16 x 9 x 9 inches
Dust Volume 4.0 liters
Hose Length 6 feet
Telescopic Tube Length 35 inches
Noise Level 76 dB
Energy Level A
Storage Position
Suction Control
HEPA 14 Filter
Motor Protection Filter
Nozzles switchable Premuim-Eco floor nozzle with rollers, XL parquet nozzle
Tools/Attachments Included Upholstery / furniture / crevice nozzle

Consumer Feedback: Severin Snow White XL Review

Here’s a summary of what we found out about the Severin BC7055.


Let’s first talk about this vacuum cleaner’s suction. Is it powerful enough? Apparently so.

Several consumers say that the BC7055 has a powerful suction. How powerful? According to one person, the lowest setting is enough for his floors. Another person says that “this thing sucks like a shop vac.” One buyer also said that with this device’s compact size, it sure has “some serious suction power.”

Note that this canister vacuum has an adjustable suction. There’s a knob on its body that you can dial down or up depending on your suction needs.

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The general consensus is that this vacuum cleaner is lightweight. According to the data we’ve gathered, the Severin BC7055 weighs only 10.8 pounds!

Indeed, it’s super lightweight. Its wheels are a big help when transporting this device from point A to B. But its very light weight is a big plus when carrying it upstairs.


This vacuum cleaner has also received generally positive comments as regards noise. One said that you can “barely hear it run.”


There are conflicting feedback on the Severin BC7055’s performance on carpets. While some say they’re pleased with how well this vacuum cleans their carpets, others are not impressed. Some say it’s “hard to use on rugs.” Why? Because it has too much suction for rugs and carpets. (See feedback on suction.)

That said, this canister vacuum is ideal for hard surfaces.

Where to Buy the Severin Snow White XL