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Bissell 3624 vs Hoover FH11300PC, Which is Better?

Bissell 3624 vs Hoover FH11300PC

In this Bissell 3624 vs Hoover FH11300PC comparison report, we’ll compare two of the hottest carpet spot cleaners on the market today.

On one corner, there’s the Bissell 3624, also known as SpotClean Pro, a 13-lb. cleaner advertised by the brand as “Bissell’s most powerful portable spot cleaner.” On the other is the Hoover FH11300PC, a lightweight spot cleaner with a self-cleaning hose.

Which of these is better? Read on to find out.

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Comparison Chart: Bissell 3624 vs Hoover FH11300PC

Carpet Spot Cleaners
Model Check Price » Bissell 3624 Check Price » Hoover FH11300PC
Surface Type Carpet, Upholstery, Auto, Stairs Carpet, Upholstery, Auto, Stairs
Power Rating 5.7 amps 3.5 Amps
Weight 13.2 lbs <9 Lbs
Dimensions 10 x 14 x 14 inches 9.7 x 13.9 x 15 inches
Power Cord Length 22 ft 14 ft
Tools Included 3″ Tough Stain Tool, 6″ Stair Tool Antimicrobial Rubber Nub Tool
Trial Solutions Included Trial Size BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning formula Sample Bottle of Cleaning Solution; Sample Bottle of Pretreat Gel
Tank Capacity ¾ gallon (96 oz) Clean Water Tank: 51 Ounces; Dirty Water Tank: 36 Ounces
Hose Length / Reach 4 ft 5 ft
Carry Handle
Dual Tank System
Self Clean Technology

Main Differences: Bissell 3624 vs Hoover FH11300PC

Let’s have a look at these notable differences.


Weight is something you’d like to consider if you’re looking for a super portable carpet spot cleaner. After all, from time to time, you’ll be carrying the device upstairs, or perhaps you’ll be lending it to one of your neighbors.

Between these two brands of carpet spot cleaners, which one is lighter? Although both of them weigh less than 15 lbs., the Hoover FH11300PC is the lighter one. It weighs less than 9 lbs. In comparison, the Bissell 3624 weighs 13.2 lbs.

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Power Cord Length

The Bissell has a longer cord compared to the Hoover. Based on the data we’ve collected, its cord is 22 feet in length. In comparison, the Hoover has a 14-foot cord.

Tools Included

If you buy the Bissell 3624, it includes two tools and one trial-size bottle of deep-cleaning formula. The tools are a 3-inch stain tool and a 6-inch stair tool (image below).

On the other hand, the Hoover FH11300PC has an antimicrobial rubber nub tool (image below) and trial bottles of a cleaning solution and a pre-treat gel.

Bissell 3624 Hoover FH11300PC

Tank Capacity

Both of these carpet cleaners are equipped with a dual-tank system. Meaning, there are separate tanks to store clean and dirty water. Their difference is the capacity of the tank.

Which has bigger capacity? It’s the Bissell 3624.

Self Cleaning Technology

The Hoover FH11300PC’s hose is equipped with a self-cleaning feature. As advertised, this feature automatically flushes the hose clean after each use, thereby preventing the growth of germs and bacteria.

Final Word: Bissell 3624 vs Hoover FH11300PC

Which is better? Based on what was presented above, these carpet spot cleaners offer useful features that the other doesn’t. For instance, while the Bissell 3624 is not equipped with a self-cleaning hose, it has a longer power cord than the Hoover FH11300PC.

But if you were to ask for our recommendation, we’d say stick to the Bissell 3624. It has a large water tank, its cord is more than long enough, and it comes with two tools.

Where to Buy the Bissell 3624 and the Hoover FH11300PC

Check Price » Bissell 3624 Check Price » Hoover FH11300PC