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Hoover FH50150 Review, Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer

Hoover FH50150 Review

One of the standout features of the Hoover FH50150 carpet cleaner is its impressive brush system, which the brand calls SpinScrub. This brush is unlike others that use a rolling mechanism to collect dirt. Instead, the SpinScrub brushes rotate at a full 360-degree angle.

Impressive, isn’t it? But do previous buyers agree? What do they have to say about their unit? Let’s find out more about the Power Scrub Deluxe in this Hoover FH50150 review.

Top Features of the Hoover FH50150

Let’s start with a quick rundown of this carpet cleaner’s main features.

SpinScrub. The SpinScrub brush system consists of 5 small brushes that are perfectly lined in a horizonal position. When you turn on the Power Scrub Deluxe, these brushes start spinning either clockwise or counterclockwise like cogs attached to each other.

This rotating mechanism is said to tackle even the toughest dirt, thereby giving your carpets a really, really nice bath.

(Refer to the image on the right.)

DualV Nozzle. Aside from the brushes, another unique feature of the Hoover FH50150 is its nozzle. It’s shaped like the letter “V,” and it provides a strong, equal suction to effectively clean your carpets. Aside from that, there’s also forced heated air for quick cleaning.

Dual Tank. This carpet cleaner comes with two separate tanks that house both clean and dirty water. Tank capacity is 1 gallon.

Weight. It weighs 18.1 lbs., which is lightweight relative to other brands. Its cord measures 20 feet.

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Consumer Feedback for the Power Scrub Deluxe

Performance. Yes, it cleans well as promised. But as what several buyers have mentioned, there may be some pre-cleaning tasks that you’ll have to do to make sure you get better results.

For instance, if you’re dealing with a tough stain, pre-treating it is highly recommended. Next, it’s best to use hot water especially if your carpet allows it. Also, since the Power Scrub Deluxe is not a substitute for a dry vacuum, always vacuum first.

Uses. This carpet cleaner is pretty easy to use. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to maneuver.

Durability. When it works, it does work. But several people say that their unit broke or stopped working after about a year.

Other Uses. One of the most common question is whether or not the Hoover FH50150 can also work on hardfloors. Unfortunately, the answer is no, unless you use the squeegee attachment. One person said she tried cleaning her hardfloor with it and “it was a mess.”

Can you use it to clean your sofa? Yes, with the upholstery tool or attachment.

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Bottomline: Hoover FH50150 Review

Here are three important things about the Hoover FH50150 that you need to know. One, although it can suck up some dirt, it’s not a vacuum. Two, it’s meant to be a carpet cleaner, and it doesn’t work on hardfloors. Three, it doesn’t come with a steam option.

You can, however, say that it’s a carpet shampooer because you can put some detergent or solution into the tank.

Overall, as a carpet cleaner, it functions fairly well as promised. The general feedback is that it’s easy to use, it’s lightweight, and it gets the job done. For better results, you might need to pre-treat stains, dry-vacuum your carpet, and use hot water before using your Hoover FH50150.