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Fuller Brush Co. Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper FB101 Review

We all know how the Fuller Brush Co. started. From a $375 initial investment at a basement in Boston, the company grew to become one of America’s most iconic names in business. It continues to innovate and introduce home products that find their way in millions of homes in the country (and around the world). One of these products is the Fuller Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper (item number FB101), and obviously, we’ll give you what we researched.

About the Fuller Carpet Sweeper

There are a few floor sweepers that are made in the US, and if you’re particular about this, then pay attention because the Fuller Carpet Sweeper FB101 is one of them. On a side note, the Oreck PR3200 is also US-made.

How does the Fuller Carpet Sweeper clean?

This floor sweeper is equipped with a brush roll system. As advertised, it has a “natural bristle rotor brush” that picks up a variety of pieces on your floor, “from dust and ash to paper clips and glass.” This is a cordless, non battery-operated cleaning tool, so if you run it through some dirt particles, the brush rotates, collects, and then dumps the dirt into the dust pan.

The company has included a cleaning comb to help you clean the bristles after use. This should help the rotor look like new and tangle-free. Also, there are bristle rotor brush replacements that can be bought separately. Click here to see or get one.

Weighing only 3.2 pounds, the Fuller Sweeper is lightweight. Unfortunately, though, there are other products that are much lighter. The Swivel Sweeper Max, for instance, weighs only 2 pounds.

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Answers to FAQs About the Fuller Carpet Sweeper

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Fuller Carpet Sweeper FB101.

  • What are the dimensions of the product? According to the sales page, it’s 10.8 x 8.8 x 2.5 inches.
  • Does the handle have a “folding” feature for areas under furniture? It does not.
  • Does it swivel? No it does not. It only goes forward and backward.
  • How many dust bins does it have? There are two (2) dust bins. The dust bins are made of metal.
  • Does it require assembly? Yes, it does. But you can say that the assembly is “minimal.” It involves screwing together three metal pieces to form the handle.

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Are Consumers Happy About their FB101 Sweeper?

To answer this question, we went through consumer reviews and feedback posted on a popular online retailer. Here’s a summary of what we’ve gathered.

There have been occasional complaints about the quality of the handle (i.e., breaks off) and how well this sweeper picks up dirt on different types of floors, but in general, the Fuller Carpet Sweeper FB101 does a satisfactory job for quick cleanups. It’s not a perfect cleaning tool — definitely not a substitute for vacuum — but it’s lightweight and easy to pull out anytime you need to clean up accidental messes. It fits in small areas, and it can pick animal hair, cat litter, dust, and small objects.