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Should You Get the Swivel Sweeper Max by Ontel Products?

Okay…you’ve been having trouble dusting and cleaning areas that your vacuum can’t reach. The solution? A low-profile swivel sweeper with a flat shape that can easily fit into surfaces. For this, the Swivel Sweeper Max from Ontel Products may be a candidate for purchase. But does this as-seen-on-TV sweeper work well? Here, we help you analyze whether or not this cleaning aid is worth it or not.

What are the Unique Features of the Swivel Sweeper Max?

True to its name, the Swivel Sweeper Max can swivel at a 360-degree angle. That means it should give you excellent maneuverability during the cleaning process. Unlike other brands that limit you to a push-and-pull motion, the 360-degree swivel function allows you to turn to any direction anytime you please. In effect, this sweeper helps you do your job faster.

Let’s talk about the SWSMAX’s brush roll system. Like the Shark V2930, the Swivel Sweeper Max has a brush roll system with bristles that collect dirt. The whole system is equipped with what the manufacturers term as “Four Quad-Brush” technology, which allows dirt to be picked up on all 4 sides of this machine. As if that’s not impressive enough, the bristles are also removable. As you know, some dirt particles such as hair and fur can get tangled in the bristles. If the Swivel Sweeper Max’s bristles are not removable, you might need more time and effort cleaning them up.

On the box, you’ll see other claims. One of them is about the battery. It says that the Swivel Sweeper Max is equipped with a “powerful easy charge battery,” which eliminates the need for messy wires.

Another claim is the “Touchless Dirt Tray,” which should allows you to empty dirt without getting your hands dirty. There is also a magnetic storage latch that allows the head to flip up so you can easily store this cleaning tool when not in use.

How light is this? At 2 pounds, it’s one of the lightest in the market. You don’t get tired easily while cleaning, and transporting it from one spot to another should be a breeze.

Here are other features and specs about the product you’d definitely want to know.

Product Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 4 inches
Origin: China
Color: Gray
Cleaning Surface Type: All Surfaces, from carpet to bare floors
Power Source: Battery (includes a rechargeable battery)

What’s in your box? Expect to find the following: your swivel sweeper, a handle, a 7.2V battery, a battery charger, an instruction guide. These pieces should be in a plastic container.

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VIDEO: Unboxing and Product Demonstration

Thanks to Youtube user Waynette’s World, we are given a sneak peek of the Swivel Sweeper Max when it’s fresh from the box. What do you expect to see? Watch the video below to find out. Also, the user gives a demonstration of the product. How well does it pick up dirt? Watch to find out.

Summarized Consumer Feedback and Review

Performance. Does it clean dirt well? From consumer feedback and review, it appears that the Swivel Sweeper Max cleans dirt fairly well, but not as excellent as the more powerful vacuum cleaner. Also, performance seems to depend on the type of dirt you want it to clean. Watch the video on the right to see how well it picks up baby powder on hardwoord, popcorn on a bare floor, and rice on carpeted stairs and tiles (thanks to Silly Reviews).

Assembly. Yup, there is assembly required. But the process should be minimal and it should be easy with the instructions that come with your unit. Assembly is basically putting together the handle and connecting it with the main unit / floor piece.

Cordless Charging. If you hate wires, then the Swivel Sweeper Max is definitely for you. It comes with a wireless charger that you can directly plug into a socket. The battery has a unique design, which can be snapped into place to fit into the charger. There is an indicator light to tell you when it’s charging.

Ease of Use. This floor sweeper is easy to use, maintain, and store. Not only does it have parts that are simple to use (e.g., the on/off switch is obviously straightforward), but it’s also equipped with additional parts that make your life easier. For instance, on top of the unit, there are two tabs that you can push back to make brush replacement or cleaning much easier.

Noise. You can find this to be a little noisy than expected. Watch the video above to have an idea of how noisy (or quiet) it is.

Maneuverability. The 360-degree swivel function works well. It can be likened to an ice skating shoes which can smoothly glide on the floor and turn into any direction you please.

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Should You Get a Swivel Sweeper Max?

Here’s our recommendation: YES. Although the Swivel Sweeper Max isn’t perfect (i.e., it can’t pick up ALL types of dirt in one pass), it can quickly and effectively clean up a variety of dirt such as cereals, baby powder, and rice. Plus, it has features that can help make maintaining it easier.