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Review: Euroflex’s Monster Cordless Sweeper (# DS-001)

From the makers of “the first patented active ironing board” comes the Monster line, which includes the Monster DS-001, a rechargeable dual cordless sweeper. Is it a good idea? Here, we report the deets on top features, what to expect, and most importantly, consumer feedback and review.

Euroflex – not to be confused with a medical-applications company with the same name – is proud Italian. From their website, the company is quite new, having been established in 1994 with the production of a patented ironing board. Today, the company has three brands under its wing – Monster, Purity, and Euroflex OEM.

What to Expect from Euroflex’s Monster Sweeper

The Monster DS001, is it really a “monster” as its name implies? Here are the top features to expect.

Dual Counter-Rotating, Removable Brushes. Who wouldn’t love a tool with maximized cleaning power? The DS-001 comes with two brushes that rotate against each other. In theory, this rotating motion makes sure that dust and other tiny particles are collected thoroughly. As advertised, this sweeper “traps even the finest particles, not to mention pet hair.” Also note that these brushes are removable for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Fingertip Control. One advantage of this feature is convenience. Controls are within reach, so you can stop or go anytime you want without having to bend over or unplug any cord.

Swiveling Base. The swiveling base widens the coverage of your cleaning area, which is advertised to be 11 inches.

Battery-Operated. It’s cordless, so you don’t have to worry about loss of power, or finding another socket when one area is cleaned. Expect to find a NiMH battery that can operate for 30 minutes.

Here are the DS-001’s specs at a glance.

Product Weight: 5 pounds
Model Number: DS-001
Cleaning Path: 11 inches
Item Dimensions: 11 x 11.5 x 46 inches
Country of Origin: designed in Italy, made in China
Motor Speeds: 2

VIDEO: Product Demo of Euroflex’s Monster Sweeper DS-001

Here’s a video that shows you the parts of the Monster Sweeper DS-001. It also gives you a product demonstration. Take note of the amount of sound or noise it makes.

Consumer Feedback and Review

What do previous buyers say about their Euroflex Monster Sweeper (Model DS-001)? We’ve scoured their feedback posted on a popular online retailer, and here’s a summary of what we found.

Performance. When it comes to mechanical sweepers, consumers definitely want one that does the job for them quickly and easily. Otherwise, why would they need one when they can just stick to their brooms? So the question is, does the DS-001 deliver? Based on consumer feedback and review, this sweeper does what it says it does. From the product description, this sweeper is the “perfect tool for ‘in between’ big cleaning tasks,” and it assures “maximum” removal of debris on the floor. Meaning, you might still need to do some vacuuming to give your carpet and floor a thorough cleaning. Besides, as several consumers have pointed out, this sweeper cannot get to the edges. Also, it’s not that efficient getting under small spaces because of its thickness.

Sweeping Power. For starters, the Monster Sweeper is not a vacuum, so instead of “suction power,” it’s better to use “sweeping power.” According to feedback, this machine is

Battery Life. Although Euroflex said that this sweeper’s battery “can last up to 30 minutes,” several consumers say that their unit’s battery can last longer than that.

Noise. Just like any machine, there is sound produced when you turn this sweeper on. But compared to a vaccuum cleaner, the sound it produces is much quieter. Watch the video in the preceding section for a product demonstration.

Storage. The general consensus is that this sweeper does not hog space. In fact, it’s quick and easy to store in one place when not being used.

Dust Receptacle. You might find the dust bin small. In effect, you might have to empty it frequently. But even though this might be the case, take comfort in the fact that it’s easy to empty the dust bin.

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Our Final Word on the Monster Sweeper

The Monster Sweeper is perfect for spot-cleaning and other quick pick-up jobs. It’s pretty quiet, and the battery life is more than enough if you’re only doing quick clean-ups.