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Shark V2930 Rechargeable Floor Sweeper Pros and Cons

The Shark V2930 floor sweeper is not an electric vac, but it has a motorized brush that runs on a Ni-MH battery. It’s therefore expected to be quieter than your usual vacuum cleaner, but it could be a bit noisier than those manual-push floor sweepers.

Should you get one? Here, we’d like to give you some pros and cons of the product so you can analyze it better before making a purchase.

Product Highlights of the Shark V2930

First, let’s talk about the Shark V2930‘s brush. It’s 10 inches long, with clumps of bristles located opposite each other. This brush roll system is powered by a motor that allows it to collect dirt and deposit to the dust container. The dust bin is located behind the brush and can be emptied by pulling it out from the side.

Before you can start using this floor sweeper, here’s one thing to bear in mind. Per instructions, you need to charge the battery for a full 7 hours. Use only an adapter compatible with the Shark V2930, plug into a wall, and then unplug after 7 hours. You should see a light next to the On/Off button when the battery is busy charging. When it’s fully charged, the light should go off.

When you unbox your package, make sure that you have the following parts: main unit, dust container, lower handle, upper pole with handle (and Backsaver release button), the Backsaver joint, lower pole, and a charging adapter. These parts are packaged neatly, so minimal assembly is required.

For the V2930, Shark has the following replacement parts that you can purchase separately: battery pack, AC adapter, and brush bar replacement kit.

The instructions are detailed and very clear. You can download this Shark V2930 Use and Care Guide to read important safety reminders, assembly instructions, and reminders on usage, charging, and emptying the dust container. There is also a troubleshooting guide so you’ll know what to do when problems arise.

What is something unique about this floor sweeper?

The short answer is its trademarked Backsaver folding handle. One press is all it takes to engage this function, which should “fold” the handle and make cleaning under any piece of furniture a breeze. (See image on the right.)

Aside from this, the V2930 also has a swivel steering function, which should make the unit easy to maneuver.

Is this made in the US? Unfortunately, it’s not. As advertised, it’s made in China. It weighs 3.9 pounds, and it has the following product dimensions: 11 x 15.5 x 5.1 inches.

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What Consumers Say About Their Shark V2930

Specifically, what are the pros and cons of the Shark V2930 floor sweeper? Here’s what we found from consumer reviews and feedback posted on a popular online retailer.

One of the concerns regarding battery-operated or rechargeable floor sweepers is the frequency of charging. Unlike AC-operated vacs that you can use continually as long as its plugged into a socket, the Shark V2930 floor sweeper needs to be charged from time to time. This is fine. The only thing that can be a bit of a problem is that there is no indicator that tells you when it’s time to recharge. Some users have suggested charging it “every couple of uses,” while others say you may want to charge your unit when it “begins to slow down.”

How long does a full charge last? There are several users who say that this floor sweeper has “long lasting charge.” Others say a fully charged battery can last 30 to 60 minutes.

As for noise, the Shark V2930 is relatively quiet. While it still produces a whirling sound, it’s not as loud as compared with an average vacuum cleaner.

Does it pick up dirt well? The short answer is overall, it cleans up dirt quickly and fairly well but not thoroughly. Meaning, as a sweeper, it does its job well. It’s ideal for quick cleanups, but if you want to tackle harder-to-reach places such as edges, corners, and tight areas, you may need to bring out your vacuum cleaner.

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Who Is This Floor Sweeper For?

Take note that this is a floor sweeper and not a vacuum cleaner. But if you are looking for a cleaning tool that is easy to maneuver, lightweight, easy to use and maintain, and quick to clean, the Shark V2930 floor sweeper is for you. Several consumers say that this isn’t ideal for cleaning jobs on corners and close-to-wall areas.