Shark V2930 Rechargeable Floor Sweeper Pros and Cons

The Shark V2930 floor sweeper is not an electric vac, but it has a motorized brush that runs on a Ni-MH battery. It’s therefore expected to be quieter than your usual vacuum cleaner, but it could be a bit noisier than those manual-push floor sweepers. Should you get one? Here, […]

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Is the Oreck Restauranteur PR3200 Floor Sweeper Worth it?

Looking for a USA-made floor sweeper? The Oreck PR3200 is perhaps what you’re looking for. It’s hand-powered, cordless, weighs 3.25 pounds, and is made of stainless steel. As if that’s not enough, it’s advertised as having a 10-year manufacturer warranty. But how different is it from other manual-push floor sweepers […]

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Bissell Natural Sweep Natural Brush Sweeper 92N0A Review

Imagine accidentally spilling your cereal one morning and you need a quick cleanup. Would you get your vacuum cleaner or your favorite motorized cleaning tool? Or would you get a manual-push sweeper like the Bissell 92N0A? We’re guessing you’d choose the second option. The Bissell Natural Sweep is quick to […]

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