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bObi Pet Review, For Fur-Filled Homes

When it comes to purchasing and deciding which one is the best robot vacuum cleaner, one of the frequently asked questions is this, “How well does it clean pet hair?” For homeowners with dogs and cats, you know very well that pet hair can get stuck in carpets, grouts, and corners, which is really annoying. Can the bObi Pet address this concern? In this bObi Pet review, we’ll give you the details.

bObi Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Top Features

The bObi Pet, first and foremost, has been advertised to be the “strongest model” that bObsweep, the Canada-based company behind this machine, has ever produced.

Here’s why.

It’s a multi-tasker.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Clobot MT8100‘s 4-in-1 capabilities? Well, the bObi Pet is giving it a good run for its money. It comes with not 4, but 5 functionalities.

The bObi Pet can simultaneously do the following: sweep, vacuum, mop, UV sterilize, and filter the air (HEPA). That means if you’re a busy person, this cleaner is one to consider. In theory, you don’t have to pre-clean the floor before usage.

Enjoy a much longer run time.

In comparison with say, the iRobot Roomba 960 that has a 75-min. battery time, the bObi Pet robotic vacuum can last up to 90 minutes. Yup, that’s 1 hour and 30 minutes before it returns to the charging station.

It has 80 sensors!

With these sensors, this cleaner can effectively avoid stairs, edges, furniture pieces, and other obstacles.

It comes with a bObi block.

A bObi block is similar with a Roomba’s Virtual Wall function, an invisible barrier that helps contain the bObi pet in one room.

It’s covered with a TouchMe texture.

The bObi Pet‘s exterior is unlike other robot vacuum cleaners out there, exterior-wise. As advertised, it is wrapped with a TouchMe texture, which makes it “smooth, satiny, and immersive.”

bObi Pet Review – Watch the bObi Pet in Action

Watch this video for a demonstration of the bObi Pet. Watch how it cleans edges, goes under a chair, and transitions from hardwood to carpet.

bObi Pet Review – Consumer Feedback and Comments

How does the bObi Pet vacuum fare among consumers?

In this section of our bObi Pet review, we’re giving you a summarized report of what we discovered about the product from comments and feedback posted on a popular online retailer.

How does it compare with the classic bObi?

Thanks to a buyer who gave his observations, we know that the bObi Pet is a “major improvement” over the previous model. The dockers, are better, it has a modular design, and it looks really nice.

Does it clean pet hair well?

The general consensus is that it does clean pet hair well. This is coming from many consumers who are impressed with the bObi Pet’s performance, considering that they have dogs (or cats) that shed a lot.

How well does it transition on different types of surfaces (e.g., hard floor to rug)?

Depending on the thickness of the next surface (e.g., a thick rug or carpet), the bObi Pet vacuum cleaner may go through just fine, or it may not. For instance, as can be seen in the video above, the bObi Pet turned back because the rug seems to be too thick for it to handle.

Also, as experienced by some consumers, the bObi Pet avoids rugs that are black in color. It can get caught in rugs with tassles.

How well can it handle obstacles?

Cords can get stuck, or they can be “eaten up” by the machine, causing it to have problems during the cleaning process. That said, it’s best to rid the floor of any wires before you turn the bObi Pet on.

When it comes to walls, it does bump into walls, but not too hard as to damage them or cause damage to itself.

How noisy is the bObi Pet?

The sellers of the bObi Pet gave an objective answer. According to them, the bObi Pet produces less than 60 decibels. An upright vacuum produces 90 decibels, and a typical conversation is about 69 decibels.

Compared with the Roomba, one user said that the bObi Pet is quieter.

What are some features that you might wish the bObi Pet had?

One, it doesn’t have an app that you can download on your phone. Next, it doesn’t have a “full bin indicator.”

Is bObsweep’s Customer Service reliable?

It’s difficult to ignore the positive raves of consumers about how well the bObsweep Customer Service team handles concerns. Customers appreciate the fact that they are actually talking to “an actual human being,” add to the fact that the company is located in Canada.

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