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Haier XShuai T370 Review, XShuai vs iLife X5

Haier XShuai T370 Review

Should you get the T370? Let’s find out in this Haier XShuai T370 review… Advertised as a “smart-sweeping robot,” the XShuai T370 is a product of a China-based company called Haier Robot Co., Ltd. It has recently come to the attention of consumers for some of its Roomba-esque features with three times less the price.

But does the T370 have what it takes to give the Roomba a run for its money? In this Haier XShuai T370 review, we give you a consumer report of the product. We also give you a section comparing the T370 and the iLife X5.

Haier XShuai T370 – The Basics

Here’s what you can expect from the XShuai T370.

Gyroscope Navigation System

The first thing you’ll notice in the XShuai T370‘s sales page is the use of the term “gyroscope navigation.” As advertised, the XShuai T370 uses a gyroscope, which helps this device to create a map of your floor so that it can effectively avoid obstacles and not go in a random pattern like most brands of robotic vacuum cleaners.


This cleaning device has app/wifi connectivity (10 languages), and you can configure it to work with Alexa devices, which you can then use to activate a voice-control feature.

Dual Functions

The wait for a robotic vacuum that can also sweep and mop is finally over. The XShuai T370 comes with a 1500Pa suction with sweeper brushes that help with your sweeping and mopping needs.

3 Cleaning Modes

Choose from the following: Z-shape, spot, and edge. With the Z-shape mode, this vacuum cleaner automatically cleans your floor using a “methodical pattern.” Spot mode allows the cleaner to concentrate on one area, and Edge mode covers all edges and corners.

Other Features and Specs

Here are some tidbits of information about the product that might interest you.

– Weight: 11 pounds
– Product dimensions: 13.2 x 3.1 x 12.4 inches
– Noise: 65dB
– Dust bin capacity: 260ml
– Charging time: 4-5 hours
– Run time: 120 min. (90 min. cleaning, 30 min. returning to charging dock)
– Suction power: 1500Pa
– Water tank: 260ml
– Material of the product: ABS, polycarbonates
– What’s inside the box: power adapter, clean brush, charging base, water tank, HEPA filter, mop, remote control, 2 pairs of side brush, main unit

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Haier XShuai T370 Review VIDEO: Full Features of the T370

Here’s a video showing you the full features of the XShuai T370.

Haier XShuai T370 Review, Consumer Feedback and Comments

How does the Haier XShuai T370 fare among consumers? In this section of our Haier XShuai T370 review, we’re going to list down the pros and cons of the product, as provided by previous buyers.

When it comes to the exterior, a few users have mentioned that they love the color combination of gold and black. But beyond the exterior, they also love that they can control this device anywhere, using the remote control and the app.

The app is not perfect, though. There have been reports from several consumers who say that they experienced difficulty using the features in the app. For instance, they couldn’t schedule a cleaning time, and to make sure that the voice-activation feature works, you should start with simple phrases.

Is it easy to set up? Yes, and also, it can easily be disassembled.

Suction-wise, one person described it as “powerful.” When it comes to navigation, one user says it doesn’t have a problem going in and out of hard-to-reach places (such as underneath furniture pieces).

When it comes to light cleaning, the T370 cleans carpets fairly well. It’s not, however, a substitute for regular vacuuming.

One of the downsides of the T370 is the dust bin. It’s quite small in size, and this can be a problem. As demonstrated in this video, some of the collected dirt can fall back on the floor when you’re trying to empty it out.

Read all consumer feedback and comments here…

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Haier XShuai T370 vs iLife X5

In this section of our Haier XShuai T370 review, we’re going to compare two similar-looking robotic vacuum cleaners, the XShuai T370 and the iLife X5. How different are they? Are there any similarities? Which brand cleans better?

Feature-wise, here’s a comparison chart for your reference.

Haier XShuai T370 iLife X5
Function vacuum, sweep, vacuum vacuum, sweep, vacuum
Cleaning Modes 3 4
Weight 11 pounds 2.0 kg
Dimensions 13.2 x 3.1 x 12.4 inches 11.81 x 11.81 x 2.76 inches
Remote control yes yes
Noise 65dB 40 dB
Water Tank Capacity 260ml 300ml
Run Time 90 min (cleaning) + 30 min (returning to charging dock) 90 min.

Haier XShuai T370 vs iLife X5Aside from those, based on the observation of a consumer who has both devices, the XShuai T370 has a better suction. Battery-wise, both use lithium ion, but XShuai has 4-celled battery and the iLife X5 has only 3.

How about their cleaning performance?

Here’s a video showing a vacuum robot test between these two brands, thanks to the video owner.

In the video, the user ran both models on the same surface for 30 minutes. The surface was sprinkled with a mixture of oats and tapioca pearls whose weight amounted to 36 grams.

In the end, he measured the amount of dirt both vacuums picked up, and by a slight margin, the Haier XShuai T370 won, having collected 26 grams of litter. On the other hand, the iLife X5 gathered 25 grams.

It’s also worth noting that both devices have no difficulty transitioning from hardwood floor to rug.