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iLife A4S Review, How Does It Fare Among Consumers?

iLife A4S ReviewSlightly smaller and lighter than several other robot vacuum cleaners, the iLife A4S may be what you’re looking for. In this iLife A4S review, we’ll give you more information about the product, including a section comparing this vacuum cleaner with the iLife A4.

iLife A4S Review – A4S vs A4

One user asked: What is the difference between A4S and iLife A4?

The iLife A4S is the step-up version of the A4. While both have the same dimensions and come with the same color, there are a few specs that are different. And since the A4S is an upgraded version, it also has a few features that the A4 doesn’t.

DIFFERENCES: How does the A4S compare with the A4?

First, the A4S has a longer run time. As advertised, it can run up to 140 minutes continuously, which is 20 minutes more than the run time of the A4.

Second, the A4S is equipped with a tangle-free bearing system while the A4 doesn’t have this feature. Third, the A4S has a mini-room mode but the A4 doesn’t.

SIMILARITIES: What are the features found in both the A4S and the A4?

Expect the following features: self-charging, scheduling, anti-dropping off and collision, max mode, and 3-step cleaning system.

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iLife A4S vs A4 Comparison Chart

Here’s a comparison chart that highlights the differences and similarities of the iLife A4S and the A4.

iLife A4S iLife A4
Color Titanium Gray Titanium Gray
Weight 4.9 pounds 4.9 pounds
Product Dimensions 12.2 x 12.2 x 3 inches 12.2 x 12.2 x 3 inches
Run Time 120-140 minutes 110-120 minutes
Self-chargin yes yes
Scheduling yes yes
Anti Dropping Off and Collision yes yes
3-Step Cleaning System yes yes
Max Mode yes yes
Mini-room mode yes no
Tangle-free bearing system yes no

VIDEO: iLife A4S Unboxing and Product Demo

Here’s a video that shows you what’s inside a new package of the iLife A4S. Towards the end, you can see a product demonstration.

iLife A4S Review – Consumer Feedback, Answers to FAQs

In this section of our iLife A4S review, we give you answers to some of the most common questions that you’d most likely ask about the iLife A4S. These answers are the summarized comments and feedback given by customers who were able to buy and test the product.

How well does it handle pet hair?

In general, consumers have only positive things to say about the iLife A4S when it comes to picking up pet hair, which makes it ideal for homes with dogs that shed a lot.

But as one person has said, the bin can get filled up easily, so you might have to empty it out frequently.

Does it pick up large litters?

Yes (e.g., chips and even small toys), but there is a tendency for larger items to get stuck, which makes this cleaner beep several times.

Does it navigate through multiple rooms?

Yes, it does. That said, as long as there are no obstacles between rooms, the iLife A4S can easily navigate around one level of your house and cleans it.

How does it perform with rugs that have fringe?

It can tangle in fringe, so it’s best that you tuck the fringe under the rug or carpet before you turn this vacuum cleaner on. For thicker rugs and carpets, it may view it as an obstacle, so when it does, expect it to go around them.

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