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iLife V3s Review: Previous Buyers Consumer Report

iLife V3s review

Advertised as a model “especially for families who keep pets,” the iLife V3s weighs only 4.5 lbs, probably one of the most lightweight robotic vacuum cleaners you’ll come across with. It’s a product of iLife, a China-based company founded in 2007.

In this iLife V3s review, we present a consumer report of what we’ve discovered about the product. What do previous buyers say about its cleaning performance? What are its limitations? We strive to give you an answer to these frequently asked questions.

iLife V3s Top Features and Specs

First, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the iLife V3s robotic cleaner.

4 Cleaning Modes

Choose from the following: auto clean, spot clean, edge clean, and schedule clean. Using the remote control, you can program the V3s to focus on surfaces with heavy dirt or litter by choosing “spot clean.” You can also program it to run everyday.

3-Inch Design

Some cleaning robots easily get stuck underneath furniture pieces because they are quite “tall.” The V3s is one of the shorter ones, at 3 inches in height.

14 Smart Sensors

With these sensors, the iLife V3s has the ability to avoid barriers and keep from falling off stairs.

Wet / Dry Mopping Function

It comes with a mop holder that can be easily removed, should you want to clean flat hard floors.

Other Features and Specs

Here are some other features and specs that you might want to know about the iLife V3s.

– Dust bin: 0.3 L
– Battery capacity: 2600 mah
– Cleaning / Run time: 90 – 110 min.
– Color: pearl white
– HEPA filter: yes
– Package contents: the main unit, user manual, remote control, HEPA filter, 2 extra side brushes, cleaning brush, AC adapter, charging dock, mop cloths.

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VIDEO: What to Expect, iLife V3s

Watch the video to see the parts that come with the package. It also shows you a close-up view of the main unit, plus the insides. In the middle of the video is a product demonstration. The video owner also gives his iLife V3s review, including some pros and cons.

iLife V3s Review: Consumer Feedback and Comments

So how did the V3s fare among consumers? What are the limitations of this product? In this section of our iLife V3s review, we give you a summary of what previous buyers have to say about their unit.

In general, the iLife V3s robotic cleaner isn’t designed to work on heavy jobs. It’s not a substitute for an upright cleaner, but for daily cleaning, it’s a convenient and time-saving supplement.

Cleaning Abilities of the V3s

First up, this robotic vacuum works on a random pattern, unlike other brands that have a specific route or pattern to follow.

Some Youtube vloggers have shown the cleaning abilities of the iLife V3s. In general, this robotic vacuum cleaner does a good job picking up litters and sucking up dirt, it seems to miss the dirt near the corners.

Here are some type of dirt that the V3s has been reported to pick up effectively: sand, cat litter, dust, and pet hair.

Does it work well on carpets?

The sellers have explicitly discouraged carpet cleaning. In fact, the suggestion is on “hard/ wood/ laminate floor.” This is substantiated by previous buyers, with one saying that it can “get stuck very easy” on carpets, especially on shag and other high-profile rugs. It’s important to note, however, that some consumers say that this cleaner works great on short to medium carpet.

Does it clean pet hair well?

The dust bin isn’t the biggest, but according to one buyer, the V3s can hold “about a cup of animal fur, lint, and small stuff from the floor.”

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On Furniture Pieces

Does the iLife V3s robotic cleaner bump on furniture?

Although this cleaner has the ability to detect large objects, it does bump on obstacles occassionally, so as one user has warned, it’s important to clear all light objects prior to cleaning as the V3s may bump on them and knock them over.

Does it sense stairs?

Yes, it does. A few consumers said that their unit fell down their stairs.

Noise Level of the V3s

Comparisons have been made by users to have an idea of how “noisy” this robotic cleaner is. One said that compared with the Roomba 880, the V3s is “probably 75% quieter.” Another said that the noise level is “minimal,” and one said it’s “not as loud as a regular vacuum.”

Limitations of the iLife V3s

Cables and small clutters can get stuck in the suction and cause some problems. Also, the iLife V3s robotic cleaner may climb on the base of an appliance (e.g., stand fan), so before usage, make sure that the floor is devoid of “excess clutters.”

Unlike a Roomba robotic cleaner, the iLife V3s doesn’t have a Virtual Wall Barrier function. So if you want to contain the cleaning operation inside a certain room, you’ll have to put a physical partition that it can view as an obstacle.

It takes time for it to figure out where the charging station is.

For bar stools, it pushes itself up the slope, and when it happens, it can get stuck in there for some time before it goes back and finds another area to clean.

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