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Inlife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review i6

Inlife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are you looking for the best budget robot vacuum cleaner available online? The Inlife vacuum cleaner may be what you’re looking for. It’s not as expensive as a Roomba, but it has similar features. For starters, it also comes with a virtual blocker (also known as Virtual Wall Barrier for a Roomba).

In this Inlife robotic vacuum cleaner review, we give you important details about the product. It includes the top features, a video showing the parts that come with the box, and a report of what previous buyers have to say about their unit. Also in the last section, we give you a comparison between the Inlife i6 and the Roomba.

Inlife Vacuum Cleaner – The Basics

Here’s what you should look forward to with the Inlife i6 robotic vacuum cleaner.

5 preset cleaning patterns

Other brands offer only the spiral pattern, which is needed for spot cleaning, or when you want to focus on a certain “spot” or area of your floor. But with the Inlife vacuum cleaner, it automatically goes through 5 patterns – spiral, special bounce, wall following, zig-zag, and polygonal. You can choose between two modes, “Auto” and “Manual.”

Virtual blocker

It happens that some people wish that a feature similar to Roomba’s Virtual Barrier was present in an inexpensive brand. If you’re one of them, say hello to Inlife i6’s Virtual Blocker, a helpful tool that creates an invisible barrier between two rooms.

When this function is turned on, expect that the Inlife vacuum won’t cross to the other room. Instead, it turns around and head to another direction.

Wet and dry mop function

The Inlife robot vacuum has a wet/dry mop feature that allows you to clean your floor after vacuuming it. The i6 comes with a water reservoir that you can add both water and cleaning solution. The mop pads are attached via velcro.

Other specs

Here are some other pieces of information that you might be interested in.

– Running time: up to 80 minutes
– Charging time: 3 hours
– Weight: 4.9 lbs.
– Product heigh: 3.3 inches
– Diameter: 12.7 inches

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VIDEO: Inlife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review, What’s Inside the Box

Watch the video to know what parts come with a box of an Inlife vacuum cleaner. Expect to get 2 mop pads, 4 side brushes, 1 filter, user manual, remote control, virtual wall, charging dock, and the main unit.

Also, watch the video for a product demonstration.

Inlife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review – Consumer Feedback

To complete this Inlife robotic vacuum cleaner review, we went through consumer feedback and comments posted on a popular online retailer. This is a summary of what we found out about the product.

On cleaning carpets and rugs…

The user manual explicitly says that you should fold loose rug edges and fringe so that they won’t get stuck on the Inlife robotic vacuum cleaner.

As far as the Inlife’s cleaning performance on carpets is concerned, the general consensus is that it works well on low-pile carpets, or those that are no higher or taller than 0.6 inches.

On cleaning in the dark…

Other brands can’t clean well in the dark. But according to consumers, the Inlife vacuum cleaner works well in the dark. As one person has said, it even goes under the bed in a dark room without encountering any problem.

On how noisy this robot vacuum cleaner is…

It’s not a silent cleaner, but compared with a standard upright vacuum, it’s quieter.

On its mopping function…

The most important thing to note about this machine is that it’s not entirely dedicated to mopping. In other words, it does “light mopping.” It mops fairly well, just don’t expect for the same results as you would get from a regular mop, or even a steam mop.

On its features…

Users appreciate the fact that you can program the Inlife i6 to run at a certain time. It can be set up to do a scheduled cleaning run.

Limitations of the Inlife i6…

One user observed that when it comes to going back home to its charging dock, it may be a challenge for the Inlife i6 if there are obstacles between. Another user has substantiated this claim, saying that their unit has taken 20 minutes before arriving at the dock. The user did say, however, that perhaps this is because they put the robotic vacuum behind their dining table.

There’s no app connectivity.

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Inlife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner vs Roomba

Inlife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner vs RoombaTo end this Inlife robotic vacuum cleaner review, we’re giving you a comparison between the Roomba and the i6. How different is the Inlife i6 from a Roomba? Aside from the huge price difference, with the Roomba taking the lead, here are some notes.

First up, at 4.9 lbs, the Inlife i6 is not as heavy as the Roomba, which depending on the model can weigh as much as 8.6 pounds. Next, the Roomba, with a diameter of 13.9 inches, is also larger, compared with the 12.7-inch Inlife i6.

Both the Roomba and the Inlife i6 has a virtual wall barrier, but the i6 doesn’t have wifi / app connectivity.

When it comes to dealing obstacles, one user has this observation. The Roomba hits the object and then changes course. The Inlife i6, on the other hand, avoids these obstacles and “seems to not hit the objects as much.”

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