Steam Mop Comparisons

SharkNinja Steam Mop Comparison: S3501 vs S3251

Your neighbor, a friend, or a fellow college student recommended a Shark steam mop. You heard that there are several models to choose from, and two of the most popular are the Shark S3501 and the Shark S3251. Here, we’d like to give you a quick comparison between these two steam mops.

How Similar are the Shark S3501 and S3251 Steam Mops?

Shark S3501 vs S3251The short answer: almost similar.

First, both of them have the same exterior, as far as color is concerned. They’re both lavender (or violet or purple), which is perfect for men and women who love this color.

When it comes to usage, both models require that you “pump” the handle a few times to release steam. From the manufacturers, this action is part of the “on-demand variable steam” mechanism of these mops. There is no on/off button. Plug in their cord, wait for a few seconds, and push the handle to release steam.

They’re both designed on “sealed hard floor surfaces” as well, making them the ideal steam mops for your ceramic tiles and hardwood floors.

When it comes to their water tank, both models don’t come with any type of indicator to know how much water is left. Instead, the tanks are transparent.

When you receive your package, the parts have their own plastic wrapping. Assembly is required, with instructions written on the manual provided. You should receive extension tubes, the base, a mop head, filling cup, power cord, microfiber pads, and manual.

Comparison Chart: Shark S3501 vs Shark S3251

Here’s a table comparing these two Shark steam mops.

Shark Steam Mop
Check Price
Product Dimensions 51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches 6.5 x 10.8 x 22 inches
Product Weight 4.9 pounds 5.8 pounds
What’s in the Box? rectangular mop head, washable all-purpose jacket (microfiber pad), filling flask, power cord, manual, 1 extension tube, base filling flask, microfiber pad, power cord, manual, 2 extension tubes, base
Water Tank Location front of the base back of the base
Power Cord Length 20 feet 20 feet
Microfiber Pads 2-sided pockets 1-sided pad
Swiveling/Flipping Head? Swiveling Swiveling and Flipping
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Manual that You Can Download HERE HERE

Differences Between the S3501 and S3251 At a Glance…

Here are the main differences between the Shark S3501 and the Shark S3251 steam mop.

Water Tank Location

While both the tanks are built in the base, their difference lies in their location. Shark S3501’s tank is located in front, and Shark S3251 is located at the back.

Mop Head

Shark S3501‘s mop head is flat by design. This allows the two-sided microfiber pad (or the pocket) to envelope it easily. There are also two heads that you can choose from – a Rectangle and a Triangle mop head.

Shark S3251‘s mop head isn’t flat. It’s also Velcro-type to allow the micro-fiber pad to attach to it easily.

Microfiber Pad

The Shark S3501 comes with two microfiber pads called “pockets.” So-called because they have a pocket- or case-like shape, giving consumers two cleaning surfaces.

The Shark S3251 steam mop, on the other hand, comes with an ordinary pad. It has quick-fastener strips so it can attach easily to the mop head.

Product Demo Videos

Watch the videos to learn more about the Shark S3251 and the Shark S3501 steam mops.