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Oreck Steam-It Steam Wand Review

Oreck Steam-It Steam Wand Review

Oreck calls it a “steam wand,” but beyond this unique term, does it deliver? It’s both a vacuum and a steam mop, and as advertised, is very multi-functional. It can even clean your bathroom walls!

In this Oreck Steam-It steam wand review, we’d like to help you analyze the STEAM100, a steam-cleaning machine that can work upside-down to tackle not just floors but also surfaces above it.

What the Steam-It Promises You

So…what’s unique about the Oreck Steam-It?

If you look at the picture on the right, a hand is clutching what looks like a long, handheld cleaning device. But at closer look, it is still the Oreck Steam-It transformed into a cleaner that can tackle above-floor surfaces. We wouldn’t say that this feature is totally unique, but props to Oreck for incorporating it into this product. Not all cleaning brands can give you this functionality.

That said, the Oreck Steam-It steam wand is dual-purpose. It’s both a vacuum and a steam mop, which makes it ideal for people looking for a 2-in-1 cleaner.

As a steam mop, the Steam-It is advertised to produce about 40 minutes of steam, provided that the water tank is full. It has an 11.5-inch steam path, which is wide enough to reduce your cleaning time.

As far as microfiber pads are concerned, they are completely reusable and washable. On a side note, the company sells a Steam-It Kit in case you need replacements. This includes 6 reusable and washable mop heads.

As an above-floor steam cleaner, the Steam-It can be turned upside down to tackle your bathroom walls, kitchen countertops, and even your mirrors. It comes with 6 attachments to choose from depending on the job at hand.

Here are other things you need to know about this steam cleaner:

– It has a 25-ft. cord.
– It boasts a no-spill vapor chamber.
– It heats up in less than a minute.
– It comes with a 4-piece attachment kit.
– It’s made in China.
– The head swivels.

Types of Floors that the Steam100 Can Clean

Many consumers ask the question: Does the Oreck Steam-It steam wand clean grout? Does it clean vinyl? As advertised, this cleaning machine can be used on “most flooring surfaces.”

If you take a look at the user manual, the manufacturers have categorically said that the Steam-It can clean the following surfaces, using different steam settings.

  • carpet and rugs – high setting
  • glass and mirrors – minimum or low setting
  • grout on hard surfaces – medium to high
  • tiled surfaces – low to medium
  • cabinets and countertops (kitchen & bathrooms) – low to medium
  • sealed hardwood – low

On the other hand, the Steam-It STEAM100 should NOT be used on the following surfaces:

– fine silks, unsealed hardwood, laminates, ceilings, and items using electricity.

VIDEO: Closer Look at the Steam-It Steam100

Watch the video to take a look at the parts and the attachments of the Steam-It.

Oreck Steam-It Steam Wand Review: Worth It?

To complete this Oreck Steam-It steam wand review, we went through the comments and feedback posted on a popular online retailer. This consumer report is a summary of what we discovered about the product.

Let’s delve right in and report about the cleaning performance of this product. Does the Oreck Steam-It steam wand really clean grout? It comes with a grout attachment, but there are conflicting reports as to its effectiveness.

While others are impressed, the rest are not. To put it objectively, this unit may clean superficial grout dirt, but it would have a hard time cleaning dirt that have been deep-set in the grout. Based on one user’s experience, this product may reduce the discoloration of grouts, but you may go over it multiple times.

Does it really clean carpets? One user has put it perfectly. This unit is only for carpet spot cleaning as it “doesn’t have a suction to absorb dirt.” It helps to loosen stains.

One of the good things about the Steam-It is that it releases steam continuously once the unit heats up. You don’t have to pump the handle or pull a trigger.

Let’s talk about durability. Does this product last long? While one user claims that she has used an Oreck steam mop for over 10 years, another user said she’s disappointed with her unit as it died only after 18 months of use.

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