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Perago QUICKSteam Floor Steamer – 6 Things to Know

With its not-so-conventional design and its trademarked and patented features, the Perago QUICKSteam floor steamer is sure to attract the attention of buyers.

Here, we give you 6 features of the Perago PSM100 that you may find interesting.

The QUICKSteam PSM100 has a unique design.

There’s no other unit that looks like Perago’s QUICKSteam Floor Steamer. While many of the competition chose to place the water tank in the middle part of the unit, Perago placed its tank at the bottom so that all the weight is concentrated there. Take a look.

It super-heats steam up to 275 degrees!

As advertised, the QUICKSteam floor steamer uses its patented Dry Steam Technology (DST) to produce super-heated steam that can reach up to 275 degrees, which is more than enough to ensure a well-sanitized floor.

It comes with its own trademarked microfiber pads.

Perago calls them SANIScrub pads. These pads consist of three layers, with each designed for a specific purpose. The first layer is designed to distribute super-heated steam over the entire cleaning surface. The next layer absorbs and holds in the moistures. The last layer lifts and locks in stubborn dirt particles.

Unfortunately, these microfiber pads are not washable. After use, you should dispose them properly.

It’s equipped with an AntiCalc feature.

What does this feature do? As you know, you only need tap water to get things going. But sometimes, if you live in area where the water is hard, calcium deposits may ruin your steam mop. If you choose Perago’s QUICKSteam floor steamer, its AntiCalc feature helps prevent deposits from clogging your unit, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Expect continuous steam – no manual pumping involved!

If you hate pumping handles to generate steam, try the Perago’s QUICKSteam Floor Steamer. Just plug, turn the power on, wait for the steam to come out, and clean away!

It comes with an adjustable handle.

When fully assembled and standing upright, this unit is 29 inches tall. Thanks to its adjustable handle, you can adjust the unit to your desired length. There’s no need to bend as you clean.