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Review: Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop

One look at the Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe steam mop and you’ll be impressed. It looks durable, action-packed, and ready to go. But the bigger question is, does it deliver, or is it just one of those fancy-looking steam mops out there? Using feedback from previous buyers, we’d like to give you the deets about this mop and hopefully help you make a decision.

What Does the Bissell 1806 Steam Mop Offer?

Clearly, Bissell 1806 has some features that the competition doesn’t offer.

One of these unique functionalities is the presence of the SpotBOOST brush, which is designed to “remove tough, sticky messes.” With this brush, you can maintain the pristine surface of your floors.

The Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe steam mop also gives you the option to not only sanitize your floors, but to also leave a refreshing scent in the room. This is achieved through Bissell’s so-called “Spring Breeze” scent discs. The package comes with two of these discs. When they’re consumed, you can make a separate purchase.

Next, this steam mop has two steam settings to choose from – high or low level. On a side note, the BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 has three steam settings.

Other details you might be interested include…

– This mop’s power cord is 25 feet long.
– It weighs 6.2 pounds.
– Product dimensions include 9.5 x 13 x 46 inches.
– It comes with a white exterior, with some parts blue.
– It comes with a cup for refilling the water tank.
– Country of origin, China.

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VIDEO: Know More About the Bissell 1806

Here’s a video that talks more about the Bissell 1806.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback

Assembly is required. When your package arrives, expect to see three main parts – the base, the water tank, and the handle. Assembly means snapping the base into the water tank, and then putting a screw to hold the tank and handle together.

From the manufacturers themselves, the Bissell 1806 steam mop is “designed for use on sealed hardwood floors.” Users have positive feedback as regards this mop’s performance on their tiles, ceramics, and hardwood floors.

With the Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe, there’s no need to move furniture pieces. This steam mop can have a low profile. All you have to do is to adjust the handle down so you can smoothly glide through surfaces underneath your cabinets, sofa, and other furniture pieces.

Unlike other brands such as the Monster EZ1-XL Pro Floor Steamer, you can refill the Bissell 1806’s water tank without having to wait for it to cool down. In other words, you can clean continuously.

Also, refilling the reservoir doesn’t require any funnel. It has a wide opening, which allows the measuring cup to easily (yet safely) pour water into it. It’s also worth noting that the lid of the water tank is very well-designed. It can be popped open easily, yet it effectively seals the tank to prevent any liquid from escaping.

There is no water level indicator, but the water tank has a “window,” which allows you to clearly see how much liquid is left.

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