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Review of the HAAN Agile SI-40 Swivel Head Floor Steamer

HAAN Agile SI-40 Swivel Head Floor Steamer Review

Why get a floor steamer with a swiveling head? The main benefit is “easy maneuverability.” A flexible mop head allows the steamer to widen its cleaning area while reducing the product’s risk of damage during operation.

There’s plenty of floor steamers with a swivel head, and one of these choices is the Haan Agile SI-40. Here’s a review of the product.

What Features to Expect from the HAAN SI-40 Floor Steamer

Aside from the swivel head, the Haan Agile SI-40 has the following key features, as advertised.

– removable water tank, with a capacity of 11.83oz
– steam pump
– 25 minutes of steam cleaning
– 20 seconds heat-up time, made possible by newly integrated Micom circuit heaters
– 15 evenly-dispersed steam jets
– 2 reusable ultra-microfiber pads
– floor types: laminate, tile, stone, marble, hardwood, vinyl
– color: grey/red
– cord length: 19′ 6″
– includes a floor protector / resting mat, a carpet glide, and a fresh rinse lime and scale remover
– item weight: 8.2 pounds

VIDEO: See the Agile SI-40 in Action

Here’s a promotional video on the Haan Agile SI-40.

Review of the HAAN SI-40: What Consumers Say About Their Unit?

We went through the feedback posted by consumers on a popular online retailer. Here are the pros and cons of the SI-40.

First, let’s talk about the life span of the SI-40. In the feedback section, what crops up often as far as longevity of the product is “4 years.” Several consumers say that they bought another unit of the Haan SI-40 because their previous one lasted for about 4 years, which is quite long for a cleaning machine.

However, not everyone agrees. There are a significant number of buyers who claim that their Haan Agile SI-40 lasted only less than 2 years. Some even said that their unit broke and stopped working only after a few months.

There are generally positive responses on the heatup time of this steam mop. Overall the Agile SI-40 “warms up quickly.”

Is it easy to use? The general consensus is that, yes, this product is easy to use, easy to assemble, and its water tank is easy to fill with water.

There are buyers who say they wished the cord was longer. If you have a large area to clean, you might find this a problem as well.

Other comments include the following:

– lightweight
– no streaking
– dries fast

Here’s Our Final Word

The Haan Agile SI-40 works when it works. It cleans well, there’s no streaking to worry about, and the steam dries up fast.

However, we cannot ignore the opposing consumer feedback on this product’s life span. While it’s possible that a unit of the SI-40 can last for at least 4 years, it’s also possible that you might be given a product that will stop working after only a few months of usage.

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