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Review: Hoover WH20445PC Floormate SteamScrub

The Hoover WH20445PC is a 2-in-1 floor cleaner. Not only is it capable of sanitizing your floors as a steam mop, but it also come with several attachments to help you clean other areas and surfaces. Here, we’d like to give you a review of this cleaning machine.

Top Features and Specs of the Hoover WH20445PC

When you open the box of your Hoover WH20445PC, expect the following inclusions: your steam cleaner, steam connector + hose, plastic brush (XS and XL), steel wire brush, grout brush, hard-surface Squeegee, upholstery cloth, angled crevice tool, steam and scrape tool, carpet glider, 2 mop heads, a tool storage bag.

Based on the abovementioned attachments, you can clean and refresh a wide variety of areas and surfaces in your home. The plastic brush, for instance, is designed to clean and sanitize any surface from tiles, sinks, and toilets. The steel wire brush is for stubborn spots like barbecue grills. The grout brush is for cleaning in-between tiles. The Squeegee is for windows, and the upholstery cloth is to refresh clothes and upholstery. You can even work on the areas around your faucets with the angled crevice tool!

Two types of “technologies” are equipped in the Hoover SteamScrub. The first one is called SteamStream technology, a Hoover trademark. With this, the steam mop gives out direct steam spray for tough stains. The second one is called Twin Tank technology. With this feature, you can choose to clean with water alone or with a solution.

Just like the Shark Lift Away S3901 and the SKG KB-2012 6-in-1 multi-functional steam cleaner, the Hoover SteamScrub steamer is detachable, transforming from a floor cleaner into a hand-held device.

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Other features that you’d like to know include…

– The floor or mop head is triangular in shape.
– This steam mop comes with cord-release hooks to wind the power cord around. The power cord is at least 15 feet long.
– It comes with an on/off switch. There are light indicators – blue for power and green for “ready to steam.”
– There is a steam dial so you can choose the amount of steam based on your requirements.
– You can recline the steam mop easily. Do this by placing your foot on it and then pulling the handle backwards.
– Production of steam is totally in your control. Use the trigger on the handle.

Here are some other specs you might be interested in.

Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 11 x 45.2 inches
Item Weight: 6.8 pounds
Color: Moondust/patriot blue

To learn more about the Hoover SteamScrub, you can download the manual here.

Promotional Video of the Hoover SteamScrub

Watch the video to learn more about the Hoover SteamScrub WH20445PC.

What Consumers Say About Their Hoover SteamScrub

Going through comments, feedback, and consumer reviews from a popular online retailer, here’s what we found out about the Hoover SteamScrub.

– For first-time users, it seems that this steam cleaner may not be too straightforward and easy to assemble or use. But when you get the hang of it, you can use it to sanitize your bathroom walls in addition to steaming your floors.
– The triangular mop head makes it easy to move between floors and furniture pieces.
– The multitude of attachments is an added bonus. Consumers have their favorite attachment such as the built-in grout brush.
– This steam mop can generate steam quickly.
– When it comes to weight, the general comment is that this machine is lightweight.
– You can store it in an upright position, and it remains stable that way.
– Several consumers say that the water tank is small.
– The steam can cool off quickly, which makes you doubt whether or not it eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
– Another concern is that the attachments stored on the body of the cleaner can fall off when bumped. This can be annoying.

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