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Review of the Shark Light and Easy Steam Mop (S3251)

Looking for an alternative to the S3501 but with the same lavender exterior? How about SharkNinja’s S3251, aka Light and Easy Steam Mop? Here, we’d like to give you enough details about this cleaning machine.

Top Features of SharkNinja’s S3251 Steam Mop

– Product weight: 5.8 lbs.The S3251 is one of the more lightweight steam mops out there.

– Product dimentions: 6.5 x 10.8 x 22 inches. At 22 inches in height, this SharkNinja steam mop is very easy to store. It should not consume too much storage space.

– On-demand variable steam. Just like the Shark S3501, this steam mop delivers steam only when you need it. When it’s stationary, don’t expect steam to come out. It needs you to “push” or “pump” to sanitize and clean your floors.

– Soft-grip handle. Just like the competition, the SharkNinja’s S3251‘s handle takes the form of a loop. As advertised, it should be “soft-grip” to ensure comfort during operation. Aside from that, the manufacturers say that the handle is telescopic.

– Swivel steering. Enjoy cleaning flexibility with this mop’s swivel feature.

– Hard-floor cleaning. This steam mop is designed on hardwood floors.

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VIDEO: Product Demo of SharkNinja’s S3251 Steam Mop

Here’s a product demonstration of SharkNinja’s S3251, thanks to Youtube user Peter von Panda.

What Do Consumers Say About Their S351?

Here are some questions whose answers you may be interested in knowing. The answers are pooled from consumer feedback and reviews posted on a popular online retailer.

– How long does it take to heat up? While consumers have different feedback as regards how much time it takes for the steam mop to heat up, with some pegging it “between 20 to 30 seconds, the consenus is that heating time is “almost immediately” or “fast.”

– Does the SharkNinja S3251 release continuous steam? As advertised, this product delivers “on-demand variable steam.” It only releases steam when you need it. That is, when you push or pump the unit.

– Does it swivel easily? Yes. All you have to do is to twist your wrist to change the direction of the head / steam mop.

– Can it be used on carpets? No. According to the sellers, this steam mop is designed to “wipe down hard surface floors.”

– How much water does the reservoir hold? According to consumers, it’s “about 10 ounces.”

– Is there an on/off switch? No. The Shark S3251 steam mop is electric with a plug-and-go design.

– How long is the power cord? It’s approximately 19 feet long.

– Can it clean grout on tiles? Unfortunately, based on several consumer feedback, it seems that this steam mop cannot clean grout on tiles.

– Is the water tank removable? No. To refill, you can use the container provided.

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Final Word and Warning

As what several consumers have pointed out, the SharkNinja’s S3251‘s description doesn’t explicitly explain that you need to “pump” or “push” the handle to get the steam out. This can be a disadvantage because some previous buyers said their unit is quite difficult to pump. Others say the steam isn’t strong no matter how hard you pump the handle.

However, when this steam mop works, it does work. It’s very easy to use, it helps scrub and clean stubborn spots, and it’s lightweight, too.

Just don’t expect to be able to use it to clean your carpets because this unit is designed only for hard floors.