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Review of the Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501) is one of the most popular steam mops out there. It’s a “pocket mop,” but it promises to do a lot. It looks more like a cute fish and its purple exterior attracts those with a strong preference for this color.

Here, we’re giving a consumer report about the S3501. What do previous buyers have to say about this steam mop? Read on to find out.

Top Features to Expect from the S3501

There are two sides of the this mop’s “pocket.” When one side has absorbed all the dirt, you can always turn the mop head over to use the other side. Isn’t that… neat?

Shark recognizes the needs of their customers. Now, you can choose from two mop heads, depending on your needs. Get the rectangle mop head when tackling rooms; change it to the triangle head if you’d like to clean your bathrooms and other tight spaces.

The Shark S3501 utilizes an “on-demand variable steam.” Meaning, steam comes out when you push and pull the unit.

What can you expect when you receive your package? The main unit, a rectangular mop head, one Shark washable all-purpose pocket, a filling flask, and a 20-ft. power cord.

This steam mop from Shark is advertised to “deep-clean and sanitize sealed hard floors,” which include wood, tile, linoleum and vinyl floors.

Here are some other things to expect.

– The handle is telescopic. It can also be extended for easier operation (pushing and pulling).
– There is no indicator for the water tank. But it has a viewing window so you’ll know when it’s time to refill.
– When the unit is plugged in, you should see the power-on blue light on.
– The head swivels.
– The water tank holds approximately 2.5 cups of water.
– Product dimensions: 51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches
– Item weight: 4.0 pounds
– Color: lavender

NOTE: Always read the manual before usage. It contains safety instructions, assembly pictures, and maintenance tips. To download the manual, click here.

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VIDEO: Product Demo of the Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Know more about this steam mop in this video below.

Consumer Feedback and Review

We’ve gone through consumer feedback and reviews posted on a popular online retailer. Here’s a summary of what we found out.

– Assembly is required. Your new purchase will come in parts neatly compartmentalized in a box. The manual has pictorial instructions to teach you which parts to snap and secure.

– As previously mentioned, the reservoir holds about 2.5 cups of water. From the estimates given by consumers, this amount is enough to finish steaming 2 “good-size” rooms.

– Is this hard to maneuver? Although there are a few that disagree, most consumers say that it’s lightweight, and pushing (and pulling) are a breeze. In addition, there are no buttons or triggers that require constant pushing for a smooth operation. That said, there’s nothing to hurt your hand during the cleaning process.

– Storage is quick and easy. All you have to do is to wait for 2-3 minutes for the unit to cool down before you can hang the steam mop on a hook. One disadvantage is that this steam mop does not stand up on its own. So if you’re planning on storing it in an upright position, but always make sure that it’s supported by a wall.

– Cleaning pads are reusable and washable. There are also replacement pads available for a separate purchase. It’s also worth noting that these pads are easy to replace and wash.

– Does it generate steam quickly? According to feedback, yes it does.

– If you’re looking for a steam mop that can pump steam continuously, this is not for you. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501) releases steam everytime you push or pull it.

Read all consumer feedback and reviews here…

Our Final Word and Recommendation

Set your expectations right.

We’ve been told (per the manual), you should make sure that the floor you want to sanitize has been swept or vacuumed prior to steaming. That said, the Shark Steam Pocket Mop is not designed to both absorb dirt and sanitize at the same time. It may loosen grime and eliminate germs, but it may not be used to sweep-clean a room.

Aside from that, the manual also explicitly says that the S3501 steam mop “won’t clean your carpeting or area rugs” but it’s “great for deodorizing and freshening.”

Other limitations of this pocket mop include the following. Grout may be difficult to clean. Also, there is no continuous stream of steam produced by this mop. It only gives off steam everytime you push or pull it.

That said, if you’re looking for a great steam mop for surface cleaning, this is the model for you.