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Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop Review (S5003D)

The Shark S5003D is one of the most feature-packed steam mops released by Shark Ninja. But is this floor cleaning device a good buy? In this Shark Genius steam pocket mop review, we’ll tell you what previous consumers have to say about their unit.

But first, the basics…

Shark S5003D, also known as Shark Genius, is advertised as “our smartest steam mop ever” by Shark Ninja. It was created to deal with tough stains and spots on sealed hard floors. Unlike the Shark S3101, the S5003D is corded or electronic.

Top Features of the Shark Genius S5003D

What makes the Genius Shark Ninja’s smartest mop ever? Check out these features.

Touch-Free Technology

If you hate touching dirty pads, you might find the Shark Genius S5003D to be the absolute solution. This mop is equipped with a mop head that “opens” when you push the button, thereby releasing the pad. It also “folds” so that putting a new pad remains touch-free.

Steam Blaster

The Shark S5003D releases a powerful jet of steam so that you can concentrate on sticky messes, breaking them down for an easy clean.

Much-improved Pads

The pads are “dirt-grip” pads. Meaning, they are engineered so that they grab dirt and ensure that the dirt stays in place, not to scatter them in all directions.

The pads are also washable and double-sided, so you can flip the head to maximize the cleaning process.

3 Settings

You can choose from among three levels of steam: low, medium, and high.

Other Features and Specs

– cord length: 240 inches or 22.5 feet

VIDEO: Shark Genius S5003D

Watch this video to know more about the Shark Genius steam pocket mop system.

FAQs: Shark Genius S5003D

– Does this require the usage of distilled or demineralized water? No. You can use tap water.

– Does it have replacement pads that you can purchase separately? Yes. Check them out here.

– Do you need to pump the handle to release steam? Nope. This is electronic, so when plugged in, expect it to generate steam by itself.

– Does this steam mop come with a triangular head? No, it’s rectangular. Check out this post for steam mops with triangular heads.

– Do this mop have a swiveling head? Yes. It also flips so that you can use the other side of the pad.

– Is the water tank detachable? No.

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop Review: Pros and Cons

To complete this Shark Genius steam pocket mop review, we went through the comments and feedback on a popular online retailer. In a summarized form, here’s what we found out abou the Shark S5003D.

On steam time…

One user asked: How much area does the water tank cover before it needs to be refilled? The answer is 20 to 30 minutes.

Types of floors that the Genius can clean without problems…

As reported by other consumers, they use the Shark S5003D on their laminate, vinyl, and linoleum flooring (used with less steam).

As provided by the sellers, you can use this mop on ALL SEALED floors. Examples include marble, tile, stone, and hardwood….

How well does this steam mop work on the floors mentioned above?

The general consensus is that the Shark Genius S5003D is easy to use and cleans well.

Here are some specific feedback.

– For people wondering whether it’s good for cleaning grout, keep in mind that it’s not really a scrubber. Meaning, it’s designed to steam and sanitize the floor. However, some of the steam may penetrate grouts.

– One buyer has compared the Genius with the Lift Away, both products of Shark Ninja. According to her, the Shark Genius allows her to clean her tile flooring in half the time as the Lift Away.

It’s also important to note that some buyers were not impressed with this unit’s cleaning abilities.

Limitations of the Shark Genius S5003D

First of all, the Shark Genius S5003D is not for carpets. Unlike other brands such as the InLife steam mop, this device does not have an attachment for sanitizing carpets.

Second, it doesn’t stand on its own. It has to lean against the wall if you want it to be in a vertical position.

Third, it may not be as durable and long-lasting. Some consumers reported that their unit lasted only 1 year.

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