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Dirt Devil SD20505 Review, Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

Perfect for “quick cleanups,” the Dirt Devil SD20505 has a low-profile nozzle that lets you sail through under-furniture surfaces. It also comes with a 20-foot cord, which should be long enough to cover a large room without the need for multiple power outlets.

In this Dirt Devil SD20505 review, find out if this stick vacuum’s cyclonic filtration feature deserves an applause or not.

Key Features of the Dirt Devil SD20505

Here’s a quick list of what we can expect from the Dirt Devil SD20505.

Bagless Stick Vacuum. It’s a stick, so when it comes to storage, it’s slim enough to fit into small storage spaces. It’s also bagless, so it’s good for the environment. Not only is it easy to empty out, but since there are no bags, it saves you on replacements.

Cyclonic Filtration. Weighing only 6.67 pounds, the Dirt Devil SD20505 boasts a feature called cylonic filtration. In simple terms, this technology lets the vacuum gobble up the messes by creating a powerful and constant cyclone-like action. Expect a 10-Amp motor.

Cleaning Path. This cleaner has a vacuum path that spans 11 inches.

Cord. As previously mentioned, this stick vacuum has a 20-foot power cord. Aside from that, it also comes with a hanging loop so that you can store the cord neatly.

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Consumer Feedback: Pros and Cons

Variety of Surfaces. According to consumer feedback, the Dirt Devil SD20505 can vacuum a variety of floor surfaces, from hardwood floor to even rugs. Other types of floors that this vauum cleaner can clean well include tiled floor, wood, laminates, vinyl, ceramic tiles, bathroom floor, and low-pile carpets.

Note, however, that although this vacuum cleaner can work on a wide array of surfaces, it works best on hardwood floors but not very well on carpeted ones. Aside from that, it does not replace a full-size vacuum. As advertised, it’s for quick cleanups.

Does it scratch floors? The general feedback is that no, it doesn’t mar or damage your floors.

Litter. What types of litter and dirt can it pick up? As reported, it can suck the following fairly well: human hair, pet hair, seeds, and pet food.

Noise. As a vacuum cleaner, expect this machine to be loud. Some say it’s comparable to a hair dryer.

Limitations. This is not a perfect machine. One, it doesn’t have a swiveling head. Two, you might find that the plastic construction feels “cheap.” Third, some people said it can easily fall over because the weight (especially of base) is not properly distributed.

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Final Word: Dirt Devil SD20505 Review

Should you get this vacuum cleaner? Let’s end this Dirt Devil SD20505 review with our recommendation.

The Dirt Devil SD20505 is designed for quick clean-ups and works best on hardwood floors. It can be used on carpets, but it’s not a substitute for a full-size vacuum cleaner.