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Shark NV801 vs NV752, What to Pick

Shark NV801 vs NV752

Shark NV801 vs NV752… which of these Shark upright vacuums should you pick? Let’s help you answer this question by presenting their differences (and similarities). Are the differences a big deal, or are you better off considering other brands or models?

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Comparison Chart: Shark NV801 vs NV752

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Shark Upright Vacuum
Model Check Price » Shark NV801 Check Price » Shark NV752
Complete Name Shark Duoclean Powered Lift-Away NV801 Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum NV752
Vacuum Type Upright Upright
Weight 15 pounds 15.4 pounds
Dimensions 46.1″H x 11.9″W x 11.8″D 46″H x 12″W x 13″D
LED Lights On Floor Nozzle On Floor Nozzle & Handle
Dust Cup Capacity 0.9 dry quarts 1.5 dry quarts
Cord Length 30 ft. 30 ft.
Colors Available Charcoal, Cinnamon, and Plasma Blue Steel Grey, Bordeaux, and Rose Gunmetal
Fingertip Controls
Duo Clean Technology
TruePet Technology
Powered Lift-Away
Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal
Active-Glide Technology
Noise Reduction Technology
Pet Multi-Tool
Duster Crevice
MultiFlex Under Appliance Wand
Hard Floor Hero
TruePet Motorized Brush

Key Differences: Shark NV801 vs NV752

Based on the chart above, here’s a list of the main differences that are of utmost important to you when making your choice.

Dust Cup Capacity

We don’t have to fully explain why you need the biggest possible dust cup. Of course, the bigger the capacity, the lesser your trips to the trash bin will be.

Which of these two uprights has a bigger dust cup? According to the data we’ve gathered, the Shark NV801 — which, by the way, is the same as the NV803 –has a dust cup with 0.9-quart capacity. In contrast, the Shark NV752 has a bigger cup, which can accomodate up to 1.5 quarts of dirt particles.

LED Lights

Even though your room or apartment is well-lit, LED lights are a really big help to provide a bright cleaning path to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Both the NV801 and the NV752 are equipped with LED lights on their nozzle, but unlike the NV801, the NV752 also has lights on its handle.

DuoClean and TruePet Technology

The NV801 is a DuoClean Shark while the NV752 is listed as a TruePet vacuum. To understand their difference, here’s a brief explanation of these two features.

DuoClean vacuums are equipped with dual brush rolls that pick up particles on floors and carpets at the same time. TruePet technology is a feature designed for people who have pets at home. It means that a TruePet vacuum comes with a motorized brush especially designed to pick up pet hair from your floor.

Accessories Included

Both these Shark uprights come with a Pet Multi Tool and a Duster Crevice attachment.

The Shark NV801 comes with a MultiFlex Under-Appliance Wand, which gives you flexibility to clean surfaces under furniture pieces easily. Unfortunately, the NV752 doesn’t come with this tool.

The NV752 comes with a Hard Floor Hero attachment and a TruePet Motorized Brush. As explained earlier, the TruePet brush is designed to pick up stuck-in pet hair on carpets and floors.

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Which One to Buy: Shark NV801 vs NV752

Which one should you get? Here’s our recommendation. Based on what was presented above, the Shark NV752 is perfect for homeowners who have pets. And even though you’re not a pet owner, the NV752 is something to consider because it has better features and a larger dust cup.

Where to Buy the Shark NV801 and NV752

Check Price » Shark NV801 Check Price » Shark NV752