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Eureka AS3011AA Review – Does it Deliver Its Promise?

Eureka AS3011AA Review

Advertised for “all-surface cleaning,” the Eureka AS3011AA – just like all Eureka vacuum cleaners – promises to be a “reliable cleaning partner” that provides “performance, quality, and value.”

Does it really? Let’s find out in this Eureka AS3011AA review.

Top Features of the Eureka AS3011AA

Very briefly, here’s a list of the Eureka AS3011AA‘s main features.

Airspeed Technology. This Eureka vacuum cleaner is equipped with what the brand calls “Airspeed Technology,” a feature that results in a powerful suction because this device has a shorter air path and wider tubes.

Bagless Upright. As a bagless upright vacuum, here are some pros and cons of the Eureka AS3011AA. One, it’s environmentally friendly because you don’t have to keep changing bags, which can only contribute to your local landfill. Two, you’ll save money on refills. Three, since it’s an upright, it stays in place during storage.

Adjustable Height. Choose from among 5 height adjustment settings. If you have a variety of floor surfaces (e.g., multiple carpets and bare floor), you’ll love this as it ensures deep cleaning.

Extra-Long Hose. This vacuum cleaner comes with an extra-long hose that measures 8 feet. With the right attachments, this hose allows you to clean above-floor areas with ease.

Useful Attachments. Let’s not forget to mention that this vacuum cleaner comes with an on-board crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a PET turbo brush. Each of these accessories serves a purpose. For instance, the turbo brush effectively cleans pet hair from upholstery.

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Pros and Cons of the Eureka AS3011AA

In this part of our Eureka AS3011AA review, we give you a summary of this vacuum cleaner’s pros and cons based on consumer feedback posted on a popular online retailer.


  • The height adjustment feature makes it easy to clean under-furniture surfaces.
  • One consumer who is a long-time user of Eureka products says that the Eureka AS3011AA is a better version than older models. One improvement is the pet turbo brush. It does work on upholstery and furniture.
  • When it comes to power, the general consensus is that this vacuum cleaner does have good suction. When no issues are encountered, this vacuum cleaner works well.


To borrow the words of one consumer, this has “a lot of plastic.” Some people have raised issues regarding this vacuum cleaner’s quality. One person says the handle of his unit consistently falls backward. Several people said their unit’s belt quit working, and that it needs frequenty replacing. Some people have had problems with the brush not rolling.

Limitations and Issues Raised by Previous Buyers

  • A user mentioned that the buttons and switches are in “awkward locations.”
  • It may be smaller in size than expected.
  • This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, but if it came with a carrying handle that helps you easily transport it upstairs, then it would score a much higher point on portability.
  • It would be nice if it came with a front LED light.

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Our Recommendation: Eureka AS3011AA Review

Should you buy the Eureka AS3011AA? Here’s our recommendation.

Purchase this vacuum cleaner with reservations. Use it as a back-up vacuum, but not your main one. When it works, it does clean your floor well. For its size and considering its price, the Eureka AS3011AA has a powerful cleaning suction.

However, it’s difficult not to consider the complaints raised by several people regarding this vacuum cleaner’s construction. The most common complaints are related to a busted belt that needs frequent replacements and a brush system that would stop working after a short while.